The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Coffee Beans
  • Shreya Sibal, Jennifer Kim
  • Tenafly High School
Biodiversity of Invasive Plants in Stuyvesant Park, New York City
  • Elizabeth Miranda, Sunaya Bhoodai, Alexander Troshin, Ina Chen
  • Health Professions and Human Services
Fern Avengers
Demonstrating the Efficacy of Airborne eDNA by Detecting Locally Extinct Mesic and Riparian Species in an Urban Forest
  • Leandre Aguilar, Kenya Davis, Nicholas Valdez, Zachary Vetsch
  • Hostos Lincoln Academy
Biodiversity of Plants
  • Zahira Frias, McKenzie Leplatte, Donia Darwish, Lala Diwara
  • FMHS
Investigation of Epiphytic Mosses as Bioindicators of Air Pollution in Westchester County, NY
Investigation of epiphytic mosses as bioindicators of air pollution in Westchester county, NY
  • Aine O’Sullivan, Adriana King, Anna Fahy
  • The Ursuline School
Analyzing biodiversity of moss and its effect on the nutritional composition of soil
  • Fabiha Muhsina, Anika Haque, Yadhira Ortiz
  • Manhattan Center for Science and MAthematics
The Diversity of Oak Trees
  • Blake Haider, Ikram Agbagni, Ronghou Huang
  • The Browning School
DNA Barcoding on the biodiversity of invasive plants found at the outskirts of Flushing Meadows Corona Park
  • Tenzin Tseyang, Gulshana Rahman, Kathryn Riviere
  • High School for Health Professions and Human Services
Can Emission Standards Improve Plant Biodiversity in a Metropolis
  • Ali Hamdard, Bennett Choi, Jaden White, Veer Malhotra
  • The Browning School
Species diversity of moss genus Schistidium in Westchester county, NY
Species diversity of moss genus Schistidium in Westchester county, NY
  • Marley Jennings, Zinia Sajjad, Daniella Anane-Sarfo
  • The Ursuline School
How Terrain Affects Moss DNA
  • Acacia Savage, Norah Gould, Lily Nelson, Hannah Cao
  • The Spence School
The Effect of NO2 on the Biodiversity of Tree Saplings in Urban Areas Compared to Rural Areas
  • Ella Kim, Caroline Wallace, Klarke Johnson
  • The Spence School
Prevalence of Invasive Plants Growing at the Base of Street Trees
  • Aminata Diallo, Ava Rubinstein, Dani Jefferson
  • The Dalton School
matK and rbcl identification of Brassica oleracea subspecies
  • Jaylynn Castro, Sharissa Marsh, Tristyn Pagan, Cassidy Marcus
  • St. Raymond Academy for Girls
The Hunt for Invasive Species in NYC Parks
  • Sofia Aita, Lily Siegel, Julieth Guzhnay
  • Frank McCourt HS
Does Turtle Pond Support Wetland Indicator Plants?
  • Annika Maduraperuma, Mira Gulati, Leo Rodriguez, Ani Sharma
  • The Dalton School
Grass Health in NYC Parks and Its Implications
  • Lee Adler, Chelgis Dabashi, Daniella Siso
  • Frank McCourt High School
Correlating the biodiversity of weeds and pH of the soil in Manhattan-Pumphouse Park and Queens-Astoria Park
  • Ahmed Chowdhury, Sporsho Chowdhury, Khin Yadanar
  • HS for Health Professions and Human Services
Biodiversity of moss in northern new jersey
  • Fady Temimi, Abhinav De
  • Tenafly High School
Biodiversity and Effects of Invasive Weeds and Grasses in our Neighborhood
  • Melissa Cortez, Salsabil Adiba, ashlee dossantos, Sayam Dahuja
  • Health Professions and Human Services