Using DNA Barcoding to Identify Toxic Algae Present in Wading River New York
  • jahdeba williams, Jhoana Sinchi Puma, Munachi Egbuziem
  • William Floyd High school
Anonymous Algae
Barcoding Green Algae from Freshwater Ponds and Lakes
  • Jacob DeMaio, Chris Dunne
  • West Islip High School
A new demo proposal.
  • A Demo, B Sure
  • CSHL
Scat Happens
  • Grace Olinkiewicz, Theo Olinkiewicz
  • Shelter Island High School
Measuring Biodiversity of Moss Species in Several Microenvironments in the Pine Barrens Region of Long Island
  • Brianna Donnelly, Torre Ann Parrinello
  • Shoreham Wading River High School
Stella and Coraima
Diversity of Algae in Long Island
  • Coraima Flores, Stella Mancini
  • St. Dominic High School
Comparison of biodiversity in plant Life in Jamaica, Bay, NY
  • Rosemary Garcia, Cynthia Monroy, Edima Ekanem
  • Queens High School of Information Research & Technology
Plants on the Beach: Long Island Sound Vs. Huntington Bay
  • Will Van Deusen, Ryan Terry
  • St. Dominic High School