The Ants of NYC
  • Samuel Mordechaev, Michael Pollack, Zhen Lin, Wilson Huang
  • Leon M Goldstein High School
Marines Invertebrates
Barcoding Diversity of Marine Invertebrates From East River Estuary, NY
  • Maik Cen Wu, Mame Diop
  • Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day High School, New York, NY
The effect of oysters on the biodiversity in the Hudson River
  • Trayci Briggs, Gabriel Gutierrez, Anniece Duncan-Smith, Dashawn Gallishaw
  • Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing and Visual Arts
Sister Squid
Sister Squid: Discovering a Squid's Family
  • Tommasina Cardone, Julia Nelson, Giuseppa Bruno, Margaret Minogue
  • Fontbonne Hall Academy
Does sushi contain the fish it claims to contain?
  • Nicole LoRubbio, Sidorela Reci, Leya Groysman, Mehrab Syed
  • Leon M. Goldstein
Winter Jackets: Fur and Feathers
Winter Jackets Fur and Feathers
  • Catherine Rivas, Rafanny Reyes, Junice Caminero
  • Frank McCourt High School