The Effects of the Antibacterial Action of Spices on the Biodiversity of Microorganisms in Soil
  • Eliza gonzalez, Christy Dambleu, joenardie gaston
  • High School for Health Professions and Human Services
Amphipod Mania
The Effect of pH on Species Diversity of Amphipods in Van Cortlandt Park
  • Micah Kittay, Camila Dayan, Milena de Angelis
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Biodiversity of Flying Insects in NYC
Biodiversity of Flying Insects in NYC
  • Owen Moore, Jonah Moy, Savannah Smith
  • Frank McCourt High School
Biodiversity of Plants in Highly Polluted Areas (Year 2)
  • Megan Navarro, Nira Ward, Tseten Lama, Rosalia Minyety
  • Frank McCourt High School
Box of Honey
Barcoding the Big Four
  • Alanna McGovern, Gina Verrengia, Alessandra Antonacci
  • Fontbonne Hall Academy
The Antibacterial Effects of Yellow Jasmine and Ginseng on the Soil's Microbiome
  • mahbub haque, ashley saliasi, Chris Wu, Jeffrey Zhen
  • Health Professions and Human Services
Central Park Phenology Trail
  • Logan Flynn, Taran Pandya, Liam Lis, Austin Stapleton
  • The Browning School
Searching for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Playgrounds.
  • Charlie Gorrivan, Yunari Yamazaki, Elizabeth Strickland
  • Friends Seminary
Biodiversity of Van Cortlandt Park Spiders
  • Jonah Gleeman, Zach Gorton, Natalie Chen, Vivian Lee
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Cockroach Biodiversity in NYC (Year 2)
Cockroach Biodiversity in NYC (Year 2)
  • Brandon Rodas, Frederiki Tsekas, Jessica Wielgus, Adrian Natera
  • Frank McCourt High School
Coffee Biodiversity in NYC
Indoor Plant Identification
  • Junice Caminero, Jiussett Caminero, Ivonne Martinez, Catherine Rivas
  • Frank McCourt High School
Mobile Technology: A Survey of Bacteria Found on Electronic Devices
  • Elliot Sadoff, Emma Parr, Megan Koenigsberg
  • Friends Seminary
Phylogenetic Reconstruction of Species Around Strack Pond, Forest Park Using DNA Barcoding
  • Nicole Weese, Brigette Belenky, Selma Velovic
  • Forest Hills High School
Using DNA Barcoding to Study Biodiversity of Insects in Juniper Valley Park
  • Sarah Ong, Maximo Babadzhanov
  • Forest Hills High School
Plant Diversity of the Flushing Meadow Park
  • Jonthan Tan, Yi Xiao, Winny Wu
  • Forest Hills High School
Fly High Dragonflies
The Effect of Water Quality and Habitat on Odonate Nymph Species Composition
  • Eve Hammerman, Hilary Weisenfeld, Isabel Corb
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Investigating Vegetables from Farmers Markets and Supermarkets
  • Lisbeth Soto, Lorena De La Rosa, Aisha Garcia, Amanda Castillo
  • University Heights High School
Impossible Burger (Year 2)
Impossible Burger (Year 2)
  • Elani Colon, Cianna Betancourt, Tanner Festa, Tina Sherpa
  • Frank McCourt High School
Plant Invaders: a survey of invasive species in public green areas around NYC
  • Izzy Koo, Ingrid Astley, Antonia Gialamas
  • Friends Seminary
The effect of vehicular pollutants on the biodiversity of Lichen
  • Harrison Phillips, Ethan Coriell
  • Tenafly HS
Oak Trees and Soil Quality across Central Park
  • Louis Mullarkey, Alex Chin
  • Friends Seminary
Moldables II
  • Chloe Terestchenko, Evelyn Ma
  • Stuyvesant High School
Moss variation in Central Park and Black Rock Forest
  • Oliver Messler, Edgar Saavedra, Fernando Cohate
  • The Browning School
The truth about trees.
  • Courtney Aubain, Rocio Diaz, Luisany Mercedes, Noelia Hernandez
  • Pelham Lab High School
Risa Parlo
The Effect of Flooding on Plant Diversity in NYC
  • Alpha Kouanda, Francesse Lauture, Elissa Ferreira, Sebastian Pardo
  • Brooklyn Technical HS
Risa Parlo
The Effect of Nitrogen Dioxide on Plant Diversity in NYC
  • Bowei Zhang, Maylin Rosales
  • Brooklyn Technical HS
Rye Country Day School
Mosquito Diversity: An Urban & Suburban Cross-Section
  • Arly Rodriquez, Lourdes Geraldo
  • Rye Country Day School
Rye Country Day School
Identifying Phragmites australis in Urban Areas using PCR-RFLP & DNA Barcoding
  • Aadi Bhattacharya, Deepta Gupta
  • Rye Country Day School
Spontaneous urban vegetation in New York City
  • Gus Stimpson, Robert Michaelson, George Newberry
  • The Browning School
Aquatic Snails in Van Cortlandt Park
  • Anjali Vuksanaj, Isabella Ramos, Abigail Trapp
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Application of Epigenetics to Identify Plant Organs
  • Abigail Sarmiento, Heily Rosa
  • Hostos-Lincoln Academy
All in on Strawberries: DNA, Taste and Varieties
  • Ryan Eagan, Oscar Gad, Sharif Nsouli, Carlton Stephenson
  • The Browning School
Surveying terrestrial invertebrates through DNA barcode
  • Immanuel Kenward, Yang Chen, Ziling Chen
  • Manhattan Comprehensive Night and Day HS
The Effect of Harmful Algae Treatment on Biodiversity in Northern NJ lakes
  • Andrew Volynsky, Jacob Wolmer, Zoe Zachko
  • Tenafly High School
NYC Duckweed Genotyping
  • Muhasina Maisha, Amina Suzuki
  • CUNY Brooklyn College and Origins HS
  • Louise Bodt, Allison Mayle
The Effects of the Antibacterial Agents on the Biodiversity of Microorganisms in Soil
  • Anusha karki, Mahmuda Khatun, Huiyun Zheng
  • High School for Health professions and human Services
The Effect of Soil pH and Texture Levels on Beetle Diversity in Van Cortlandt Park
  • Timia McCoade, Veronica Dickstein, Sarah Kaiser
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Is there real Elderberry is Elderberry tea and Elderberry pill capsules?
  • Janelle Molina, Nicaurys Arnoat Perez, Christal Martinez, Eduardo Cocone-Rosales
  • University Heights High School
The Fun Guys
The Relationship Between Soil pH and Fungal Biodiversity on the Leatherstocking Trail
  • Jake Egelberg, Brittney Benjamin, Lusangelis Ramos, Rachel Rivera
  • New Rochelle High School
Discovering the World of Bacteria in The Kew-Forest School
  • Daeden Archer, Xinhui Zhang, James Tu, Ethan Han
  • The Kew-Forest School
Leech Biodiversity in Van Cortlandt Park
  • Eve Shulman, Naomi Schatz, Dylan Jackson
  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School
Running out of Thyme
  • Jayola Reid, Chelsea Oppong, Lucas Caceres, Matthew Pimentel
  • University Heights High School
Tree Huggers
Discovering Who is Hugging the Tree
  • Faye Fudjinski, Lauren Dean, Claudia Cain
  • Fontbonne Hall Academy
Where's The Meat?
  • Rosanna Stennett, Vanessa Ramos, Luisanny Del Orbe, Brandie Massey
  • University Heights High School
To-ma-to Ta-mo-to
  • Meirav Grajower, Hannah Hamerman, Orah Massihesraelian
  • Yeshiva University High School for Girls