Climate Change and its Effect on the Genetic Diversity of Formicidae in Floral Park
  • Julia Cernjul, Madison Lewis, Hibba Jaffri
  • Floral Park Memorial High School
  • Hannah Saks, Noelle Decker
  • Walt Whitman High School
Ant Campaign - The association between soil quality and ants population & diversity at Stony Brook community
  • Jingtong "Rosemary" Wu, Xi "Blair" He, Nhu "Amy" Quynh Ninh, Wei Yan "Ava" Zhang
  • The Stony Brook School
Barnacle Boiz
Identifying Unfamiliar Species in the Peconic River
  • Fiona Schlegel, Allison Wynne, Kristina Sheludenko, Malaika Safian
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Beetle Juice
Beetles in the Light
  • Jordan Collinson, Saoirse Marx
  • Long Beach Senior High School
Benthic Invertebrate Biodiversity
Benthic Biodiversity between Bay and Canal Environments
  • John Boniberger, Alexander Romeo
  • West Islip High School
Big Brain
DNA Barcoding Biodiversity in the Peconic River
  • Thomas Lavallee, Aidan Young
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Biodiversity Buddies
Transportation of Invasive Species via Recreational Boating in Cold Spring Harbor and its Effect on Marine Biodiversity
  • Annabelle Coles, Hannah Stark, Natalie Schnurman
  • Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School
Successful Piping Plover Foraging
  • Harry Murphy, Ariel Keynan
  • Long Beach Senior High School
Assessing the Biodiversity of the Peconic River Using DNA Barcoding
  • Benjamin Isaacson, James Cortes, Cameron Cluff
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Blues Clues
Exploring the Biodiversity of the Peconic River with DNA Barcoding
  • Clare Gayer, Jessica Bogdan, Brianna Gonzales, Lilian Godlewswki
  • Eastport South Manor Junior-Senior High School
Biodiversity of Ants on Glen Cove Campaign
  • Joseph Thom, Grace Spoto, Doris Serrano, Andrew Palafox
  • Glen Cove High School
Bumble Bees
Identifying Diverse Species in the Peconic River
  • Isabella Talamini, Gianna Giacolone, Jenna Parente
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Long term effects of Pesticides on Biodiversity of Soil Macroinvertebrates
  • Sarah Ahmed, Angelina Do, Cathreen Paul
  • Mineola High School
CLEG (Cool Lab Experiment Group)
What is the diversity of nocturnal epigeal arthropods?
  • Charlotte Gee, Elizabeth Lam
  • West Islip High School
  • Idan Pascal, Brendan Hellman, Brooke Dowler
  • Long Beach High School
CORGIS (Collaborative Operation Recognizing Girls in Science)
The Effect of Water Quality on the Biodiversity of Amphipods
  • Brooke Lynn Haley, Kayla Sauers, McKenna Smith
  • West Islip High School
Crusty Crusters
  • Zehao "Randy" Li, Jie "Jerry" Chen, Xiaohu "Tiger" Wang, Benran "Jimy" Zhang
  • The Stony Brook School
Erin, Daisy and Peter
Biodiversity of Different Species of Invertebrates Based On Their Location
  • Erin Sanginario, Peter Thais, Daisy Rubio
  • St. Dominic High School
Analysis of the water quality of Shu Swamp Stream by macro-invertebrate identification
  • Kelly Chee, Joshua Sukoff, Eleni Pappas
  • Friends Academy
The Effect of Environmental Pollution on Insect Biodiversity
  • Karina Rios, Elise Smith
  • Freeport High School
Gold Turtles
The Effect of Decreasing pH on the Marine Isopod Population in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Cooper Oster, Hayden Calabretta, Maxwell Franz
  • Cold Spring Harbor High School
Heavy Precipitation and Biodiversity of Marine Life on Long Island
  • Nathaniel Butler, Andrew Rao
  • Chaminade High School
heehoo Chaos and Epic Gamer Dudes
DNA Barcoding to Help Local Waterways
  • Allison Votteler, Sian Callahan, Dev Patel, Arman Azizi
  • Eastport South Manor Junior Senior High School
Homonyms +1
Ants Ants Ants
  • Hayden Sofield
  • Long Beach Senior High School
Does perfume affect the attraction of mosquitoes?
  • Angelina Karl, Abigail Molter
  • Connetquot High School
Justin, Zenon and Nick
Correlation Between Soil Pollution and Loss of Biodiversity
  • Justin Ruggeberg, Nicholas Peranzo, Zenon Ortiz
  • St. Dominic High School
Los Gatos
Barcoding Unknown Invertebrates in the Peconic River
  • Destin Voorhees, Katelyn Zeltmann, Vincent Balzano, Rylie Hack
  • Eastport South Manor HS
The Effect of the Neverita duplicata on the Biodiversity of Bivalves in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Sophie Cohen, Victoria Barriola, Dean Safran
  • Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School
Mosquito Marauders
Mosquito weather
  • Samantha Rosenbaum, Jordan Moses
  • Long Beach Senior High School
MUFFIN MEN (Men Understanding Frequently Flying Insects Native to Mosquito Entrenched Neighborhoods)
The Effect of Pyrethrins on Diversity of Mosquito Populations
  • Max Esposito, Tim Hantzschel, Paul Pillitteri
  • West Islip High School
Ants diversity on a Barrier Island
  • Jason Medina, Gabriel Petty, William Pagan, Matthew O'connor
  • Long Beach High School
Pollution with Macroinvertebrates in Grand Canal
  • Oishi Dey, Brendan Falabella, Connor Ruais
  • Connetquot High School
The Effect of Bus Pollutants on the Biodiversity of Ants
  • Dominique Crecco, Veronica Carr, Kevin Pusey
  • Mineola High School
Barcoding Macroinvertebrates in Argyle Lake
  • Madeline Romaine, Clare Corcoran, Paige Seegers, Kiera Mroczka
  • Babylon Junior-Senior HS
Peconic Mosquito Trio
The biodiversity of mosquitoes on the east end
  • Van Gatz, Caleigh Cantelupo, Julie Kadletz
  • 1. Shoreham Wading River; 2. Riverhead High Schools
pH Pals
The Affect of Bloodworms on the Biodiversity of Cold Spring Harbor
  • Brooke Seebeck, Julia Flynn, Jenna Schetty
  • Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School
PMHS Ant Campus
The biodiversity of ants on the school campus serving as bioindicators of potentially harmful pollutants to students
  • Sarah Varghese, Elizabeth Niemiec  
  • Patchogue-Medford High School
Research Rookies
The Effect of the Asian Shore Crab on Biodiversity in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Amanda Nemshin, Claire Wallace, Hannah Van Son
  • Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School
Impact of Water Pollution on Biodiversity in Brookhaven and Lindenhurst
  • Selina Wu, Aram Ebrahimian
  • Roslyn High School
The Influence Plant Viruses Have on the Microbial Biodiversity in the Rhizosphere of Plants
  • Makaylei Thrane, Victoria Cordova Morote
  • William Floyd High School
Sayville Ants
Barcoding ants from Sayville, New York
  • Gene Weng, Samuel Smith, Evan Como
  • Sayville High School
Scat Happens
  • Grace Olinkiewicz, Theo Olinkiewicz
  • Shelter Island UFSD
Biodiversity of Shelter Island
  • Mary Gennari, Angelina Rice, Andrea Napoles, Andrea
  • Shelter Island UFSD
Shannon and Charlie
Biodiversity Within Insects of Long Island
  • Shannon O'Leary, charlie mediavilla
  • St. Dominic High School
Analyzing the Biodiversity of Sharks off of Long Island
  • Adam Schultzer, Farihah Chowdhury
  • William Floyd HS
Small Island Big Biodiversity
  • Benjamin Waife, Hayden Rylott
  • Shelter Island UFSD
Spider Microbiomes
  • Brianne Maher, Kyle LaSpisa
  • William Floyd HS
Exploration of Heavy Metal and Spider Diversity at The Stony Brook School
  • Kaibo "Kevin" Tang, Xiao "Louise" Lin, Jiayi "Mary" Wang, Yinchi "Candy" Zhou
  • The Stony Brook School
Investigation of Beetle Biodiversity in the Pine Barrens Region of Long Island
  • Gavin Grzymala, Noah Parrinello
  • Shoreham Wading River High School
A Survey of the Macroinvertebrate Population in a Freshwater Pond Following an Environmental Disturbance
  • Sara Louser, Claire Wing, Tesia Roth, Lauren Halloran
  • Shoreham Wading River High School
Mosquitoes in the Shoreham-Wading River Community and their Effect on Human Health
  • Sarah Julian, Asma Rashidzada
  • Shoreham Wading River High School
Team 5
Crazy Critters in the Peconic River
  • Luke Thorley, Aidan McDonald, Ethan Rodrigues
  • Eastport South Manor Junior-Senior High School
Parasite Ascaris
  • Malana harispersaud, Charlie Scioniers, Tyler Davis
  • Christ the King
Finding Macroorganisms in the Northwest Corner of Argyle Lake
  • Kate O'Brien, Olivia Moriates, Olivia Conti
  • Babylon Junior-Senior HS
Sequencing the Genes of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in the Southwest Corner of Argyle Lake
  • Matthew Nyman, Madeline Swaine, Miles Walsh
  • Babylon Junior-Senior HS
The Effect of Human Activity on Ant Biodiversity at two Long Island Sites.
  • Emily Duci, Jack Keegan
  • St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School
Is ant species diversity impacted by various levels of human applied pesticides, fertilizer, and activity?
  • Ella Chalmers, Manar Mabrouk, Sophia Aebisher
  • Connetquot High School
Ants v.s Biodiversity
  • Cadence Vizza, Amelia Laible
  • Connetquot High School
The Biodiversity Kids
The Effects of the Abundance of Mud Crabs on the Biodiversity of Cold Spring Harbor
  • Anthony Giouvalakis, Nicholas Gioules, Henry Dam, Benjamin Bonventre
  • Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School
The Fireflies
Barrier Island Beetles
  • Yashoda Jaikaran, Isaac Pines
  • Long Beach High School
The Mosquitoes
Mosquito Diversity in Long Beach
  • Robert Ortiz, Rio Arengo, Shirley Sanchez
  • Long Beach Senior High School
Biodiversity of Mosquitoes around Glen Cove
  • Nicholas Novosselov, Christopher Hyman, Brian Flores, William Romeo
  • Glen Cove High School
The South East Collection of Macroinvertebrates in Argyle Lake
  • Ashley Burke, Philippa Pascale, Jackson Esposito, Drew Scheriff
  • Babylon Junior-Senior HS
The Tri-Force
Biodiversity of the Peconic
  • Adam Nouicer, Max Sbaschnik, Jane Brylewski
  • Eastport South Manor HS
The Troupe
The Effect of the Introduction of Grass Shrimp in Cold Spring Harbor
  • Jonathan Brown, Nicholas Lacapra, Stephen Kania
  • Cold Spring Harbor Jr/Sr High School
The Yellow Submarines
Can compost attract pest species?
  • Brady Romano, Daniel Quick, Ava Lithgow
  • Long Beach Senior High School
Ticks Biodiversity in Wooded and Developed Land of the Three Village Area
  • Yixuan (Cici) Cheng, Anne-Sarah Nichitiu, Marc Nichitiu, Yilun (Ellen) Tong
  • The Stony Brook School
Whole Wheat Milk
The Many Invertebrates of the Peconic River
  • Samuel Hogan, Anthony D'Gracia, Nathaniel Perez, Justin Schlendorf
  • Eastport South Manor HS
Wrack em up.
Investigation of Wrack Line Food Chains
  • Cameron Moses, abdul khan
  • Long Beach Senior High School